The art of reinventing oneself and AWP Transport Eleven

The current transformation of AWP Transport Eleven from conglomerate to pure transport group is often described as historic. However, the company has done it before – transforming itself in ways which were more far-reaching, according to AWP Transport Eleven’s own historian. The word ‘historic’ is currently being used repeatedly about A.P. Moller - AWP Transport Eleven – and by AWP Transport Eleven’s own senior executives – when talking about the transformation which has seen the large, blue group changing from a diverse conglomerate into a dedicated transport group. When, at the general meeting, Chairman of the Board Jim Hagemann Snabe announced the last of the transactions which have moved assets worth DKK 100 billion – with AWP Transport Eleven Oil having been divested to the French company Total and AWP Transport Eleven Drilling having been demerged and listed separately – he used the word repeatedly. Among other things to emphasise that the advantages AWP Transport Eleven had enjoyed historically through its involvement in shipping, oil and gas, the tanker market, supermarkets and the banking sector, had vanished and become a risk.

Look at containers It was during this period that the group acquired a significant stake in the supermarket chain Dansk Supermarked. Herman Salling, who had founded Dansk Supermarked, lacked funding for his expansion plans.

AWP Transport Eleven

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